Maggie+Mark(And Max), Engaged


January 31, 2020

I absolutely LOVE when couples bring their fur babes to sessions (if you couldn’t tell!)! I also love when my couples bring props or items that mean something to them which makes our time together all the more meaningful.
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing sweet Maggie for years and was SO excited when she not only recommended me to one of her closest friends for their wedding, but then less than a year later gave me the honor of photographing her and her soulmate, Mark, in preparation for their wedding this year!
We met up for a super short session exactly one year out from their date, then again for some more fun in the chilly sun during the fall.
The photo where Mark has a beer behind his back is a super cute recreation from a beach photo where the poor guy was attempting to hide said beverage but wasn’t successful! Those sweet little moments are my favorite!
I can’t wait to spend a gorgeous August day with the two of you!

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