Every passionate story has a beginning. Mine for photography began because my mother subliminally bestowed upon me a love for photographs. All she used was a 35mm film camera, as digital wasn’t even on the radar. I personally have over ten photo albums, each meticulously labeled and dated. 
This is my goal for you. To provide YOU and your family with beautiful, frozen moments in time that you won't get back, and will outlast lifetimes. In a world where cell phone photos are almost too convenient, I still revel in quality, tangible memories that portray YOU in that exact, frozen moment in time.
When I'm not photographing your beautiful faces, I love to hang out with my husband (who is a police office and a member of the Air Guard, so ask me about your discount military and first responder families!) of six years and watch our three year old daughter grow. We love to adventure as a family and try new things. We love meeting new people and exploring new places.
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Delaney Jean Photography

I married my high school crush in 2013 who is also a policeman and Air Traffic Controller for the Missouri Air National Guard.

Veronica Young Photography

We have a three year old daughter who is a donut-obsessed, tornado that loves Moana, carnival rides and cereal!

I was a photographer for my high school newspaper and yearbook.
I photographed my first wedding at
16 years old.
I love bright, bold, colors; however I prefer black and white for photos.

Delaney Jean Photography

We have two fur babies, Hermann (brown face) and Hosmer (white, even thought he's SUPPOSED to be a yorkie)!
They were our first loves, so of course they're in our photos! 
Fur babies are ALWAYS more than welcome at your session or wedding!

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