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Not only have I photographed more weddings than I can count, but I have planned as well as day-of coordinated best day evers, so needless to say, for all things wedding, I'm your girl! 
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We'll sing together. We'll laugh together. And let's be honest, I'll probably cry at your ceremony. Why? Because every step of the way, like Friends, I'll be there for you. Often I refer to your wedding day as your "best day ever" instead for many reasons; the first of which is that it is the beginning of the rest of your life with your forever person. Second, by the time your day FINALLY arrives, we'll have everything so perfectly planned, the only thing left to do will be to celebrate!

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Jessica McKenna, bride

"I could not be happier with how our wedding pictures turned out! Every time I look at them all the wonderful feelings I felt on our day returned! Sonni is absolutely amazing and not only captured our best day ever, but was super professional while making our day so much fun. She kept us on time, let us be ourselves and did exactly what we wanted and more. Being able to relive our day is the best present anyone could have given us and Sonni did just that!! "

ashley nichols, bride

I honestly cannot say enough about how fabulous Sonni is!!! Being a younger bride, and the first in my family to have a wedding in about 15 years, I was really lost when it came to planning a wedding and choosing vendors! I am so so glad that I found Sonni. Our first phone call turned into a 45 minute chat and we hit it off immediately! I turned to her about all kinds of wedding questions leading up to my big day, not just photography! She was a savior! Sonni was exactly what she needed to be on the wedding day. She boosted me up (LOL) when I needed it and she also knew how to get everyone's attention to get to business when necessary. She was very attentive to my attitude and what I wanted, especially before the ceremony when there was a little hiccup in transportation! And during the reception, she frequently checked in with me and walked me through what I needed a step-by-step on! Everything went so smoothly and she made sure that she got photos that were important -- like one of me with my grandparents -- even when it required her going out of her way.

Scott Kuhl, groom

Sonni McCune is the superior photographer!!! Sonni was a ton of fun to work with and you can tell she not only takes pride in her craft but LOVES doing it. We had so much fun on our engagement shoot getting to know her and her shooting styles. She sent up previews that night and it made us that much more excited for the big day. On our day it was no less than 100 degrees out, the bus didn't have AC neither did the church. It didn't matter and you cannot even tell in the photos. Despite the crazy heat, we had a ton of fun on our photo shoot. The images look amazing. All of the services that she provided were above and beyond what you will be expecting. She is really that good. Sonni herself is a lovely, vibrant and fun person. She is so much fun to be around and also has a smile on. She will not be that lump on a log at your wedding. She will be smiling, capturing, and enhancing your day. You will love her too.

Andi Kuhl, bride

Sonni is incredibly talented and produces the highest quality of images! We booked her for our wedding in June, and she was our favorite vendor by far. She transformed all the simple moments into the breathtaking memories we have hung all over our house. During pictures, she let us be our natural selves, capturing our love and silliness as it really exist - not forced like most photos you see. Multiple times in the weeks leading up to the wedding, she consistently asked if there was anything she could help with. Even my mother-in-law brags about her and recommends her to all her friends’ families because of the great work Sonni did! She is so much fun to be around with her great personality and truly made our wedding day the best ever!

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