Amanda + Tyler- Hermann, Missouri Wedding


August 17, 2019

It’s hard to pick where to begin with this amazing couple.
Tyler graduated the St. Louis County & Municipal Police Academy with my husband last year and quickly became friends. Which isn’t a difficult thing to do with Tyler as he’s the most laid back, nice, genuine guy you’d ever meet. After Tyler popped to the question to Amanda, we got to talking about myself possibly photographing their gorgeous Hermann wedding.
As some of you know, Hermann, MO holds a VERY special place in my heart since that is where my husband and I had our nuptials almost six years ago. We also named our first fur baby Hermann in its honor.
We had set up a meeting to chat in person about their big day since Amanda is nurse and Tyler is a policeman, which means texting/emails isn’t always the most efficient as over-night shifts jack up all “normal” means of socializing. Coincidentally, another graduate of the same police academy class was singing at a restaurant the day before our meeting, and we all happen to be there. Needless to say, Amanda and I immediately hit it off and spent the evening talking about all things wedding while the boys were otherwise occupied.
As the night ended, Tyler said to Amanda, “So….Did you talk about what you needed to talk about?” to which she replied, “OH YEAH!”
Throughout the planning process with these two and during their engagement session, the main thought I had was, “Wow. These two could NOT be more perfect for each other.” Seriously. They both are incredibly laid-back, sweet, caring and crazy fun. I’m pretty sure their engagement session took twice as long as usual because Tyler and Amanda were up for anything I wanted to try and had so many cute ideas of their own!
After what seemed like FOREVER, their wedding day arrived. And as to be expected on a mid-August day in Missouri, it was just A TAD sticky. But neither Tyler nor Amanda seemed to mind. When there was a suit mix up and a bridesmaid running a little late, these two weren’t phased. Talk about chill!
I had to fight back tears as Amanda walked down the aisle and Tyler was overwhelmed by the sight of her (but I can’t blame him, I mean LOOK AT HER!). The forecast was toying with the idea of rain in the evening, so we tried to hurry the after-ceremony photos a long the best we could until the last moment before the grand entrance in to their reception.
God surely did bless us with the most gorgeous, mild golden hour in the history of ever (or at least August in Missouri). When I initially looked out the windows, it appeared to be overcast, and I was honestly a little bummed. We had had gorgeous sunlight for the ceremony so I was really hoping the sunset would rock our world, but I was fully prepared to work with whatever we had and give my sweet couple the best I could.
Lo and behold, THE SUN! As myself and Dotti walked out to plan where we wanted to go, I looked to my left and saw the sun peaking over the ridge. HALLELUJAH! Then I danced. For real.
We photographed the snot out of Tyler and Amanda for about 40 minutes and holy ba-joly I almost cried from happiness. They are legitimately the easiest people to photograph. Not only because they take direction better than a flight of Airmen, but they are just so in love and comfortable with each other that I don’t even have to prompt after prompt them.
Mr. & Mrs. Janssen, I can’t thank you enough to allowing us to be a part of what was truly the best day ever! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you two, especially since good things happen to great people like yourselves. Thank you both for serving your community in often thank less jobs as a policeman and a nurse. You two rock my freakin socks!

Yours truly,

Vendors to love:
Venue: Little Piney Lodge
Second Photographer: Dorothy Louise Photography
Caterer: The Corner 
Florist: Wolf’s Flower Shop
Cake Artist: Tyler’s dad 
Band/DJ: Complete Weddings + Events St. Louis
Makeup Artist: Alyssa Langdon 
Hair Artist: Bailey Meyers Hair & MUA
Bridal Gown: Clarice’s Bridal Fashions
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Clarices
Groom’s Attire: Macy’s

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