Sam+Jon(And Ellie), Engaged

Sam+Jon.Where do I begin?You ever meet someone for the first time, or even just chat over the internet and know you about to click? Well that was Sam for me. Then I get to meet Jon and she for our official booking meeting and it was game over. They are perfect for each other. The […]

January 31, 2020


James Family- Faust Park, MO

I’ve had the pleasure of known this sweet, beautiful soul for most of my life. Lauren and I attended the same elementary school (as did her three younger siblings) and we went to the same high school. She and I even had the same math class where I met my now husband! One thing that […]

January 26, 2020

Personal and Families

Brad+Emily- St. Louis, Missouri Wedding

Hi. It’s me, Sonni. Your friendly, neighborhood photographer who has disappeared for a while on this ole blog, but I’m back and I Girl Scout Promise to never again take such an extensive hiatus (or at least try my best not to!).ANYWHOBrad+Emily. Wow.Usually one would fear a winter wedding. Cold, winds, potentially less than willing […]

January 18, 2020


Victoria+Greg- St. Louis, Missouri Wedding

2019 brought so many wonderful things my way reminding me how truly blessed I am to do what I do!With that being said, and as I’ve said time and time again, my favorite part about my “job” is being able to share the best days of my clients’ lives with them. This is multiplied to […]

November 10, 2019


Holly+Hadden- Highland, Illinois Wedding

One of my absolute favorite things about being a wedding photographer is that I get the privilege of witnessing the most special day in my couples’ lives.

September 28, 2019


Amanda + Tyler- Hermann, Missouri Wedding

Throughout the planning process with these two and during their engagement session, the main thought I had was, “Wow. These two could NOT be more perfect for each other.” Seriously. They both are incredibly laid-back, sweet, caring and crazy fun.

August 17, 2019


Ashley + Kevin- St. Louis, Missouri Wedding

As Ashley made her grand entrance in to the ceremony, the look on Kevin’s face was pure bliss. Although he didn’t ball his eyes out as I expected, the smile that took over his entire face was much better. Ear to ear would be the only way to describe it. They couldn’t keep their eyes off each other the entire service, sneaking glances at one another, often unnoticed (which made it all the more adorable) by the other.

August 3, 2019


Natalie + Dan- St. Louis, Missouri Wedding

In a world where everyone tries to be different, outrageous and at times controversial, Natalie and Dan stand-out in a more inconspicuous way: they’re classic.

October 5, 2018


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