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April 1, 2021

“They say your wedding day goes by in such a flash that you’re lucky if you even get a piece of your own cake. I say that’s crazy. I say, let them eat cake.”- Michael Scott
While The Office is hilarious, this quote is 100% accurate. In fact, at our wedding almost eight years ago, WE didn’t get a piece of our OWN wedding cake, which was devastating as Wedding Wonderland made it for us! So be sure you have a designated cake saver assigned to the most important ask of the day; making sure you get your own cake!
Continuing on with our Wedding Planning series, the AMAZING team at Wedding Wonderland Cake Studio allowed us to ask them the hard questions.. yes of course cost and all that, but even more difficultly: what are YOUR favorite flavors of cake!
As any of my couples who choose to taste the amazing cakes at WW will tell you, BANANA IS MY MOST FAVORITE EVER. Seriously. It’s to the point where when we order a cake (which is more frequently than we care to admit), they don’t even ask us the flavor combo we want because it will always and forever be banana cake with chocolate icing (or if we’re really feeling indulgent, fudge!).
This father-son duo along with their phenomenally talented team are ready to bake for YOU! But first, the info you’ve been waiting for (after some photos of course!)!

Tell us about yourself:
Did you always want to become a cake artist? How did you get your start?
Michael: Decorating cakes has been in my world ever since Santa, whom at my age of six, gave me an easy bake oven! I have no formal training in the culinary arts. My best story is that I am the youngest of six boys. While all my brothers were out playing football in the street, I was inside baking cakes for half-time!! They, and the world laughed at me back then but now… none of them are professional football players!! At family gatherings today we often still laugh about this fact!
Tyler: I never saw myself actually doing this until I saw how happy it made my dad. The idea that I get to  create something different each time is what drew me into this, and it doesn’t hurt that you get to taste the product! I got my start when my dad would take us kids to his bakery and we hung out while he was decorating. Sometimes hanging out meant doing the dishes so we could get home before mom!! 

What’s your favorite food besides cake?
M: My favorite food is a Rueben sandwich and upside-down pineapple cake! My beautiful wife, Bridget, makes me this cake every year on December 14th, my birthday.  Wedding Wonderland doesn’t offer this cake (LOL) so I’m extra grateful! 
T: If I wasn’t “quality controlling” cake, I will be eating a buffalo chicken sandwich. Any time I try a new place I have to see how they compare to the last!!!

Are you a dog person or a cat person?
M: I am 100% a dog person. My first Dog was Pal, a toy collie and he was with me for the first nineteen years of my life!
T: When it comes to pets, I am a dog person all the way!! I grew up with dogs. All different sizes. One thought she was a cat, hanging out on the top of the furniture. Fish are also awesome.

What’s your favorite song to rock out to?
M: My favorite song to rock out to is ANYTHING DISCO!! Donna Summer rocks my world. I have a giant Disco Ball in the center of the Cake Studio!! It’s my everyday reminder that life is too short not to dance!
T: Mr. John Denver, Country Road!

What’s your top two-three flavors of cake?
M: My favorite cake flavors are… Pineapple of course then carrot!
T: For sure marble!

Any favorite cake+filling combos?
M: Almond white cake with a raspberry filling!
T: I have been baking professionally since I was 18 years old. And you cannot beat the marble cake with fudge filling, whipped topping!! You’re welcome in advance!!

What is your favorite part about being a cake artist?
M: My absolute favorite part of being a cake artist is that my work challenges are different every week. It blows my mind sometimes what customers pay us to do at Wedding Wonderland. We are “all” cake here,  so no Rice Krispies or fondant iced cakes.  Creating 3D sculptures with soft delicious icing is what we are known for!! While we are fondant free, in the fourth season of TLCS Next Great Baker show Wedding Wonderland’s team won the National Fondant Contest since we have so carefully honed our skills in smoothing and decorating real, buttery-soft icing! We sent Al and Lia to the show and they rocked it! Lia started here as a dish washer as a matter of fact!! Teaching them both was a huge accomplishment in my life and an honor!
T: The thing I love most about my job is that no cake is the same! Design, flavor, size, filling, set up, location! You could come into WW with a design we’ve never seen and I know we can do it for you! You come in wanting to mix random flavors, I’ll try them with you! I love helping people with their wedding cake!! It’s dessert, have fun with it. 

What are the main differences between a cake shop and a bakery?
Wedding Wonderland is a specialty Cake shop/studio and not your typical full line bakery in any way! We do offer some grab and go options of course but if you want a very special, fresh and delicious cake it must be ordered with a seven days in advance!! Also, our cake gallery is like no other; we even have a grand piano in the center of our gorgeous showroom and on Saturdays we have live music for our guests to enjoy!

What should a couple be looking for when they start the search for their perfect wedding cake?
When starting your search for that perfect wedding cake our studio is the best place to begin! We offer free consults with bottled water, cake samples, and tons of the latest life size faux wedding cakes all with the latest styles and trends. We are proud to say for over 35 years we have had the largest showroom in the Midwest for you to look around and enjoy! You can even sing a song alongside our pianist if you like!!! Weddings can be stressful, we all know this but, Wedding Wonderland really tries to make you relax and enjoy this once and a life time experience!

What should a couple expect to invest in a wedding cake?
Weddings are expensive, we all know that. Wedding Wonderland has the entire gamete of cake prices for you to achieve that perfect cake at the best price. Believe it or not, the average cake per serving cost in St. Louis is around $6.00 per slice. You would think our Cake Studio would be even more than that but nope! Wedding Wonderland’s starting price per serving for a wedding cake is $2.55 (unheard of for the quality of our product and our service)!!

Any new trends emerging this year?
Rustic color choices and textured icing (no fondant here!)!

What other desserts do you offer couples besides wedding cakes?
At Wedding Wonderland, we offer: gooey butter slices, cookies, brownies, candy, cake pops/ cake balls, macarons, cupcakes, and so much more!

How far in advance should a couple order their wedding cake/desserts?
You can order your cake two years in advance or three weeks before your wedding. Relax and go at your own speed. Remember, enjoy the moment! Slow down and don’t stress!!

Any advice for couples when or before they come in for a tasting?
Before you visit Wedding Wonderland Check out our website at! Most of all your questions can be answered there or just stop on in without an appointment!! We have an open house policy here! There’s always someone here to help you! 

Any other advice for couples planning their big day?
Good luck in all your planning and just take it all in and relax, your special day will be perfect if you choose the right vendors to make it everything you dreamed of while taking your stress away!

So there you have it! All the yummy info about the wedding cake game! If we haven’t answered a question you’ve been pondering, drop us a comment and we’ll get it answered for you!
Be sure for check out Wedding Wonderland for ALL your dessert needs! Their website is or they can be reached at (314) 837-5015.

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