How to Decide if You Really NEED Two Photographers


March 9, 2020

Whether one needs two (or more) photographers or not is a hot topic, not only among potential couples but photographers as well!
Some photographers only have packages that include themselves because they shoot a majority of their weddings solo. Others will tell you it’s basically irresponsible to NOT have a second photographer.
I have two packages without second photographers (from here on out, “second”) and two packages that include a second. The two packages that DON’T have a second included are shorter in hours, so it’s easier to manage by myself; whereas the other two packages are eight and ten hours so I have a second included.

Advantages for the lead photographer
As a photographer, having a second with me is very advantageous in that they can double as an assistant. While I LOVE fluffing trains and playing with veils, my second helps with that when we’re on a time crunch or I have the perfect angle and don’t want to move. They also help with what I like to call “veil management”, when a veil and the wind become mortal enemies or if we have a cathedral veil to attempt to tame.
A second is not only a second pair of hands and eyes, but also another brain! Wedding days can be stressful and fast moving. As your lead photographer, my main focus is you two and capturing your best day ever. Sometimes that means I’m running on instincts. My seconds are always there to remind me of shots, coming up with ideas and helping to manage the day’s schedule.
They also provide peace of mind with equipment. All my second photographers photograph with the same brand of equipment that I do, so if something happens with ANYTHING I have, the second has a back up!

Advantages for YOU
The two main advantages to having a second photographer for YOU two are: you can have a photographer in two different places and you get multiple angles of the same pose! This also means you will probably receive more photos back as well.
Here are some examples of the same situation at two different angles so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about!

If you choose to do a first look, you can typically get both views as well providing you with a seamless story!

So what happens if I only have one photographer?
If your photographer offers a package without a second photographer, it’s because they’re confident they can photograph your wedding beautifully by themselves too!
For me, my second most popular package is the six hour package which only has one photographer (me!). I’ve had a few couples add on a second photographer, but most choose not to. In that case, I just enlist the help of a wedding party member (usually a maid or matron of honor) to help with some photo magic and veil management if I need it! No big deal at all!
I would imagine most other photographers do the same or hire an assistant to help with the more minute details too.

So really, it comes down to what you’re comfortable with, what your budget has to say and what your day looks like! Being comfortable with your photographer is essential to looking more “natural” in front of the camera, not to mention generally less stressed on the big day so don’t be afraid to ask your photographer their opinion!
As always, if I didn’t cover something or you have a question, please comment below!
Thanks for stickin’ with me!


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