Samantha+Jonathon- St. Louis, Missouri Wedding


March 14, 2020

Sam and Jon. Where do I begin?
The (now) Travettos are one of those super special couples that you know, no matter what, will make the best of their situation.
Going in to their wedding week, every day was BEAUTIFUL….except Saturday. Their wedding day. 70-80% chance of rain ALLLLLLLL DAAAYYYY. Luckily, Sam being the advanced planning, cool-headed bride she was, had made a reservation at the Missouri Botanical Gardens about twelve weeks before their big day. I’ve lived in St. Louis practically my whole life, so I typically don’t start to “get worried” about the weather until around 48 hours out or so (of course, I’m always willing to make a plan B for my couples much further in advance). Well, Sam had hoped on the Gardens’ website and it stated we would NOT be able to use the indoor facilities. So I decided to give them a quick call. If in fact we couldn’t, that was going to be fine, we would just find shelter elsewhere but I wanted the Travettos to get their money back.
Because the Garden staff is so wonderful, they allowed us to respectfully and carefully use the indoor spaces; which was a HUGE relief for everyone involved, especially since Sam had her heart set on the gorgeous floral offerings.
I would almost go as far as to say it’s the new “c-word”. It legitimately makes me cringe reading it, typing it, seeing it, saying it and hearing it. As you all know, the coronavirus situation was and is a rapidly evolving situation, which seemed to rise in severity the week of Sam and Jon’s wedding. St. Louis County had filed a band on 250 person gatherings THE DAY before and St. Louis City would be following suit.
Poor Sam had people calling her all week telling her they wouldn’t be attending their nuptials, but I assured her everything would work out exactly as it should; mainly because she and Jon were getting married for all the right reasons.
It rained, ONCE. Once. For less than five minutes, not to mention it was a drizzle and not the down pour the forecast predicted. So we took our group photos and let the fun begin!
Sam+Jon are always up for anything I ask and try whatever I have in my crazy brain. I think I moved poor Sam about six times finding the best light for her bridal portraits and she didn’t complain once, she just said, “Just tell me what you want me to do and where you want me to go!” Jon was the same exact way, not moving a muscle until we said otherwise and basically allowed me to mold him like clay. God love him! LOL
We had such a great time walking around the Gardens and even managed to find some outdoor blooms!
The it was on the indoor ceremony and reception at Windows on Washington. Everything was ready to go and set up BEAUTIFULLY. Their ceremony was the perfect length and perfect for them. They chose a close friend to officiate, which in my experience is always a wonderful idea and the best way to get a message that is unique to the couple!
We snuck outside after family photos for some dancing in the street style photos (always my fave). What better time to take a “oh my gosh we DID IT!” breather than after your ceremony?! After a few more moments together without me bothering them, on to the elevator we went!
Their reception went off with out a hitch and ON TIME. Not to mention there was no more people missing than a typical reception, which of course brighten the newest Mr. & Mrs. Travetto’s day even more.
Moral of the story: take a page from Bob Marley’s book; Don’t worry, be happy and every little thing, is gonna be alright, friends. I’m a firm believer in “what’s meant to be will find away”(honestly, kind of surprised I haven’t gotten this tattooed on me yet! LOL)
Sam+Jon, Mr. and Mrs. Travetto. I’m so sad your day is over. But I’m SO excited to see what the future has in store for you wonderful, beautiful people. I can’t thank you enough for allowing us to be a part of what was truly your best day ever, and trusting me every step of the way. You two (and your Ellie) will have a piece of my heart forever!
I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

Vendors to love:
Venue: Windows On Washington
Florist: Walter Knoll Florist
Hair and Makeup Artist: The Boulevard Hair Co
Cake and Desserts: The Blue Owl Bakery
Bridal Gown: Sincerely Yours Bridal
Designer: Jasmin haute couture
Bridesmaid Dresses: AZAZIE
Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

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