Michelle+Jacob, Engaged


January 31, 2020

Every once in a while, I gain a friend from a bride; especially when said bride books you almost two years in advance, which means you have PLENTY of time to talk!
Sweet Michelle and Jacob have been planning since mid-2018, which also means that we were able to get two mini engagement sessions in so we could get the very best of their favorite seasons, not to mention Michelle’s family farm that is no near and dear to both their hearts.
These two are just SO fun. I could photograph them for hours and not even realize it nor feel like I’m “working”. Their love is so effortless, sweet and natural. They basically do my job for me posing themselves and being adorable, all I have to do is press the buttons!
Every time I see Michelle, she brings me baked goods. At this point, I may or may not ask to meet up so I can get my fix! Of course, Michelle being the absolute angel that she is, always obliges. So far she has given me: a bucket (yes, a bucket) full of chocolate chip cookies, brownies so fresh there’s condensation on the bag, pumpkin cake bars with cream cheese icing and a chocolate oatmeal cookie tin that lasted all of two minutes once my husband got a hold of them!
June can’t FINALLY come soon enough so I can bask in their glow all day!

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