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January 31, 2020

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Allison for over twenty years. We play soccer together in elementary school and have touched based here and there over the years. Once we moved back to the St. Louis area, I was pregnant with our daughter and she was about to be married to the love of her life, Sam. She told me some things here and there about him, which made me SO anxious to meet him!
They had a beautiful home built the following year, which I got to photograph the snot out of by the way!
Early last year I got one of my favorite text messages to receive, the “holy crap Sonni, I’M PREGNANT”, text. I was so, so happy for Mr.& Mrs. Williams as they’re phenomenal people with wonderful families and I knew were going to be amazing parents.
Luckily, Alison wanted maternity photos, which I was so almost too excited to do! She braved the heat like a champ and we photographed until we ran out of light, and then some!
The tree at the very bottom is where Sam proposed to Allison, which he had secretly photographed, made in to a book then gave said book to her on their wedding day as a complete surprise. SWOON!

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