Sam+Petey(And Mallory)


January 31, 2020

In college I got the pleasure of meeting this awesome chick. Sam and I have a lot in common personality wise (and we’re both over-the-top obsessed with our Yorkies! lol) so we hit it off in class right away.
She has an infectious laugh and gravitational pull that makes you just want to chat for hours. We’ve kept in touch here and there, stalking each other’s social media pages, the occasional comment and “atta girls”.
One thing you HAVE to know about Sam is that she sets big goals and works her butt off until she achieves it. She’s currently a producer at KMOV, but I don’t think that’s her forever plan, this girl is going places.
Petey. Where do I begin? Legitimately one of the sweetest, most caring, best compliment to his girl, raise you up so you can fly, guys I’ve ever met. I could tell from Sam’s post that he was one-of-a-kind, and when we met for this session I was not let down! He loves sweet Mallory as much as Sam, which leaves my heart in a puddle.
They were game for literally everything, and even though it was 30 degrees a the beginning of November, you’d be none the wiser. We ran, jumped, snuggled and played all over Forest Park where they frequent as a family of three.
I’m so excited for their May nuptials!

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