Taco ‘Bout Engaged!, Proposal


February 1, 2020

In late 2018, a hopeless romantic sent me a message about a proposal he was planning….in 2019. Talk about a tough secret to keep! Jared meticulously planned, every detail accounted for. Of course, like a gentleman, Jared asked Alena’s dad for his blessing, Alena’s father was so excited that he gave Jared Alena’s late mother’s ring to propose with (que all the tears)! He was also reportedly just as anxious to hear if his daughter said “Yes” to her forever with Jared as Jared himself was, too!
As the day drew closer, Jared and I had clandestine chats, planning the special day down to the minute. Jared’s sister, a taco bell fanatic, found the most perfect sauce packets to compliment the theme.
To back it up a bit; why Taco Bell?
Per usual, when the planning began I asked Jared if there was anywhere that was special to the two of them, things they liked to do together, etc. His answer: Taco Bell. But he surely did NOT want to propose IN a Taco Bell, so Taco ’bout engaged was born! Signs were made, tacos were purchased (Taco Bell even gave us clear cups to use for champagne) and sauce packets acquired.
The day of, Jared was a nervous wreck! He kept in constant contact all day and I assured him everything would be perfect. It was a 70% of rain for the time of the proposal, but as you can see, the big man upstairs helped us out with that one!
My favorite part of this story was the very beginning.
As Jared and Alena rounded the corner towards “the spot”, I , the “tourist photographer” was “taking photos of the Arch”. Jared stepped in front of me to reach “the spot” and Alena, bless her sweet, adorable, heart said, “JARED! She’s taking a picture!” Indicating he should move out of my way! LOL! Gosh she’s the best.
Jared trucked on, unfazed, stood across from his girl, got down on one knee and asked the most important question of his life. She of course said, “YES!” and they shared a sweet embrace fueled by shock and elation. Jared then told Alena that the ring she’s wearing is her mother’s ring, which put her even more over the edge! This guy thought of everything!
Riding the excitement train, we took a short walk over to the Arch itself, shared some snacks, and sent them on their way to celebrate with their families who were ALL waiting on the edge of their seats to hear ALL the details.
Jared and Alena, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of this incredible moment and I can’t WAIT for your beautiful wedding this fall!

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